Welcome Everyone!!!

What's going on here? And who is this Zarah that rhymes with Sarah???

Short take:  If you're stuck, incredulous when told rules and formulas for this reality, know you've got an ever-loving gift lodged inside your gut I CAN HELP YOU ACCESS YOUR MAGIC!!! 

Long take for those needing a bedtime story:  As rare unicorn, born and raised in San Francisco, at the age of 7 I had to hide my unicorn horn behind my left rib to keep it safe. I understood at that young age it wasn't safe to be all of the magic I was. 

But some of my magic leaked out through the years anyway. I wore a button in middle school asking, "Why be normal?" I imagined forecasting the future in high school. I added embroidery and sewed ribbons to my clothes. I channeled the fashion of mystics and felt drawn to living in past eras. 

I did college my way, floating through my core subject of environmental studies, focused on urban recycling. This showed me by following what I have a natural interest and understanding in, the hurdle of hard work disappeared. 

I echoed my tomboy childhood by taking jobs in male-dominated fields. I got my belly button pierced before it was something women did - I'd only seen a couple guys with one. I got into adult kickball the first year it was around. 

I co-founded a music and fundraising collective for women musicians. 

At age 32 I played drums at my first show with my first band to a sold out audience of 400 people - after only 4 and a half practices and never playing through a whole song before that! I used the drumsticks my sister gifted me 20 years earlier when I dreamed about being a drummer. 

In 8 years with the band we went on 2 major tours, recorded a full-length album, and played at most major venues in San Francisco. 

I took a 3 week solo road trip moving across cities and states each day, driving mostly through the nights, never planning more that 6 hours ahead where I'd sleep next. It surprised me when folks were shocked to hear a woman was driving and traveling on her own. Hello, it was 2009!!!

I started taking some woowoo classes and believing stories of my past lives. I tentatively shared these psychic beliefs, first with downplaying the significance to my audiences but then getting bolder and removing all apologies for what I was aware of. I was drawn to my first deck of magical tarot cards, designed my a nature-needing artist, like myself. 

I started to coach others to harness their intuition. 

In the summer of 2015, visiting a magical beachside city I worked with a magical woman who asked me certain questions which helped meuncover my unicorn horn hidden behind my left rib. I had forgotten it even existed, let alone that I had stashed it somewhere. 

I now knew it was safe to be the whole me. 

A year and a half ago I moved to a whole new city and state having never been there, simply because of a magical feeling. I even pared down all my belongings and moved everything I had in one carload - WITH the ability to see out my back window! I took up roller skating there, hung with the derby queens, revamped #SkateClub, collaborated on art, sampled wine, met local musicians, adopted the most sweetest 6 pound rescue pup, homeschooled her to perform amazing tricks, hiked miles of white sand under a full moon, and saw the Rio Grande go from sand bed to flowing river. 

But again, more of me is being released and I found myself craving nature so I made an impromptu visit to a car dealership, followed what was light and walked away with a used SUV to live in while campsite-hopping across the southeast. 

I enrolled clients in the forest (over the phone), filmed a video course in the woods by a lagoon, and plotted out inspired community offerings by the late night glow of my flashlight. 

All while making delicious paleo meals on my camp stove. 

I'm not so different than others. I desire to be fulfilled, to utilize my magic, and to bring inspiration to those around me. Anything is possible. What IS different about me is my willingness to fail, get it wrong, play, experiment, and follow my awareness. You just have to choose it and be willing to trust what you know. How much of your magic can you be?™

I help people unfuck their thinking and choose their magic instead.


I'm so glad you're here, talk a look around. I've got tons of free valuable resources to share with you as you get to know me.  Thank you for being.