Friends, there are a lot of questions in today's post!

You know those relationships which seem to exist merely on passion.  They look highly exciting, very intense, such strong feelings.  But in the back of your mind, though maybe jealous for what intensity there is, you think – that can’t last long, I give it a month.  And the breakup ends up being just as fiery as the relationship was.

Then, there are those relationships that just seem to persist, on you-don’t-know-what.  Why are they still together?  They seem miserable.  What’s keeping them tied?  Is itfinancial?  Do they just have low self-esteem?  Why don’t they wake up and move on?  It’s just all too practical with no passion you can see;  a.k.a. comfortable.

The most important relationship is with yourself.  And it’s a combo of passion and practicality.

Where in your life are you pursuing passion?  Has the practicality showed up?  What’s the balance for you?

Could you stay up all night playing music, dancing, painting away in your art studio?  Yes?  For a couple nights a week?  For a month?  For a year?  What’s sustainable?  When does the passion turn into an obsession?  Or the overexertion turn into a crutch, a blind spot?

When do you need that practical sleep?  When are you fueling your body?  When are you moving it?

Is it practical to burn yourself out in the name of desire, without giving weight to the longevity and sustainability of your actions?  Are you really devoted to an interest if you’re not also considering it’s lifespan?  Are your actions moving you towards your goal?

Are you really devoted to yourself if you’re not devoted to your lifespan?

Now I want to hear from you.  Where are you in this journey with yourself?  Are these questions you've thought about before?  What's on the forefront of your growth now?  Share a comment below and let me know!