Dear Friends,

Why might you want to level up your life?  Feel more connected to your purpose.  Feel really good about your accomplishments.  Have accomplishments.  Gain more certainty and confidence in your decisions and actions.  Inspire others!  Be part of the solution.  Be less overwhelmed.  Live with passion!  Here are 6 practical steps to leveling up your life. 

If you want to do things --> be things.

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1.  You are the average of the 5 people you hang around most.  If you want to start a successful business, find someone who has started one.  If you want to have a successful relationship, find someone who is in one.  If you want to eat healthy, find someone who eats that way.  If you want something, do something.  Level up the average of your group!

2.  Start with the basics – do you sleep 8 hours?  Drink 1.5 ounces x your body weight in water each day? Walk for at least 30 minutes (can be done in 3 x 10 minute stints).  Eat 5 servings of vegetables each day? Floss?  Pick one of these, add it to your routine, and keep adding until you’ve got them all down pat.  (Pro tip:  Be gentle with yourself and your progress!)

3.  What nice ways do you take care of yourself?  Yes, you deserve a treat each day, but is your treat really nourishing and beneficial, or is it a short term payoff which runs you down?  Thirsty for a cold one?  Sparkling water will refresh you with a burst of energy and leave you hydrated the next day.  The classic cold one will dehydrate you, like all alcohol, bloat you and impact digestion and inflamation like all wheat does, tax your liver from taking care of other toxins in your body and leave you with a headache.

Want to watch that movie late at night?  Sleep will do wonders for your mood and your focus on self-care the next day.  Make decisions to benefit your future self.  You’ll thank your last-night-self the next day.

4.  That goes for many decisions.  Think 5 places ahead – your future self.  What are you building? What are you making space for?  What are you doing today that your future self will thank you for?  Where will you be in a year if you take no action today?  How will you be setting a devotion to your dreams and goals if you take no action tomorrow, either?

5.  Start a morning routine.  You’ll be setting yourself up for success, not just to meet your dreams, but for how you’ll approach them day to day.  Having a morning routine helps you ground yourself, gives you time to connect with you, set your priorities for the day (which line up with your values and priorities for your lifestyle).  A morning routine is familiar and comforting.  It lets your nervous system know it’s safe so it can function at its most efficient and not get freaked out by how late you’re running!!!  There’s a whole website about morning routines here, you can take a look for inspiration.

6.  Be intentional.  Now, nicely prepped with your morning routine, you’ll be able to devote a more calming focus on your lifestyle design.  What does your ideal life look like?  What does each day include?  What type of friends are you spending time with?  What activities are you doing?  What are you wearing?  Where are you living?  What’s your work schedule?  What’s your play schedule?

Using these 6 tips, you can get way far in leveling up your life!  You’ll be set up to reach your dreams and goals, and you can get there with ease.  If you’d like a bit more support please reach out to me.  I’d love to brainstorm with you if you need help pinpointing your values and your life purpose.  I’ve got a few complimentary calls scheduled you can sign up for here.



P.S.  I’ve been loving being in San Diego this month!  I’ve got a few very special spots to work with me.  I want to connect with more people while I’m here.  So, really do schedule a free call.  I’m a major introvert and if you are too, you’ll appreciate the safe and non-forced pace of my calls.  I’ll help you get unstuck and you can hang up the phone.   I love to help people out!  If you’re moved, you can find out what’s involved with working with me and still have no pressure to sign up.  I want to find the folks that are ready to level up their lives!!!