Dear Friends,

When I watch this video here, go ahead take a look, it's only 55 seconds, I’ll wait for you.

You’re back?  OK, good.

So, when I watch this video, I think of my clients when they come to me and are stuck.  They have been spending a great deal of energy, they think they are eventually getting somewhere, but like this ram, they are actually just running in circles.  Dirt is being kicked up and mounded around their feet.  They are out of breath, getting more and more exhausted – how could that NOT mean progress?

But if you look very closely, the efforts of the ram are all about pulling away, a desperate focus on escape.  This pulling back is actually what’s keeping the ram locked there.  The human helper in this video first attempts to remove the obstacle, trying to crack the tree trunk to allow escape.  But much like real life, we don’t always get to vanish the elements that are frustrating us.  They remain, they are still there.  But what we do have influence and power over is how we interact with, perceive, dance with, navigate those elements, those trees.

There’s another way!

We can’t always see that we are pulling and expending our energy to avoid or escape.  That’s why it’s important to have a healthy support system around us.  People who can see us from a distance and identify a new option.  Bring a question to a supportive friend or see my offer below in the P.S.

Here’s to all of us being free from our tree trunks.




I am offering complimentary Get Unstuck Strategy Calls here.  I will help you get a bit closer to your freedom and ease, I will gently nudge your horn towards your big next step.  Are you willing to sprint off with joy and delight while I cheer you on with a big, “YES!!!”?  Hop on my calendar today, I can’t wait to speak with you!!!