Dear Friends,

Ideas – reminders – come to me when I’ve finally slowed down enough to take a meal in peace and quiet.

So you think this is a coincidence?  I don’t always eat in a mindful way, but just now I was – and I remembered two very important tasks I should “start working on right away”.

If I hadn’t been doing busy work all day, or if I had taken quiet time in the morning (or even sometime throughout the day) I may have identified and ranked this priority earlier, before my quiet meal.

Then the thought that crossed my mind – thankfully – was “This is my quiet / mindfulness time.  Quiet time is always going to be a priority, I can save that task for tomorrow.  #PaceYourself

I can’t put off recharging myself (anymore) and that recharging actually has an impact on how I live my life vs. the finish-everything-first-you-can-rest-when-you’re-dead approach.

*OK, so I did stop my meal to write this, following this guide:  Will this bring me closer to myself?  Yes, I wanted to deepen this thought/awareness.

Also, knowing I can pause and have quiet time in the morning (with a mid-afternoon refresher) to really connect with, remember, and prioritize what is important to me, makes waiting on tonight’s popup task OK.

Do you take quiet time?  Eat mindfully?  Meditate?  How do you ground yourself and stay connected, body with spirit?



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