Hey Everyone,

It came on suddenly, after about 10 years.  Something clicked. The value of *stuff* suddenly declined when directly in the face of time, fun experiences, mental and physical space, and relationships. Those things win out over stuff.

Another day we'll talk about my non-belief in list-making, but you can understand why I haven't appreciated them when I tell you "declutter" has been on that list for a decade.  Every week.

Last week I wrote to you about "own your sh!t" and ironically, to do that I had to give my stuff away.  I've found that the most profound solutions are often the ones that turn straight towards the issue and walk towards it.

A recent inventory revealed that I owned enough stuff to fill:

  • 1 A-Team sized van (over-stuffed)
  • 3.5 carloads (sedans)
  • 40% of a 4' x 8' storage unit

And as of close of Monday, I've pared that down by 2 carloads, at least, and I'm chugging though more.  (Wanna buy a guitar?)  My overall goal is to *intentionally* own whatever I have.  This could get me down to one carload or one suitcase even, depending on my circumstances.  I'll keep you informed.  (But I'm an artist, so maybe add a second suitcase of supplies...)

One of the big reasons I was finally able take action on this long-held fascination to replicate the peace I always found at a hotel with just one suitcase, is that I have found my calling, my purpose.  It's always easier to drop everything and run when you can see a clear path of where you're going.  That's also been an item on my *list* and I can finally tick it off, knowing my purpose is always evolving and changing.  But having found it once allows me more faith it's there without always needing the details.

It's easier to let go of stuff when you have a focus of what you DO want.  If you are seeking your Life Purpose and want to chat with me about it, get on my calendar.  I've marked out some times I'm available to chat with you, just to hear where you think you're headed, what type of signs you're looking out for, and what your expectations are.  I may be able to help reflect back to you where I see your path headed, even if we've never met.  

Create space, and it will show up.

Here are some fun links to learn more about minimalism, you'll see the benefits of less belongings go further than just empty space: