Hi Friends,

Sometimes you need to move on from something, let go to be free.  That letting go creates space and opens you up for what's next.  You don't always have to see or know what's on the horizon to know that what's happening now just isn't working.

Spring is a great time for this - we've got spring cleaning, animals shed during this season, and as rebirth happens it's easier to drop the old.

I've had big shifts over the past couple years as I've come out of my hidden-mold, sick home.  And as I continue my recovery, I'm finding that it's easier to shed what no longer works for me.  And I'm quicker to take action to care for my health and well-being.  

I think projects - planning them, collecting supplies for them, making blogs for them - were a way for me to feel engaged when I just couldn't get out into the world due to my chronic health condition.  Now that I have energy to move around in the world, these projects are closer to ties binding me in a small, windowless box.  Hmmm, that kinda sounds dramatic, but that's what's coming to mind!

My focus now is to see how much I can get rid of... I've already shared with you that I think I'm a minimalist and donating 50% of my belongings has been freedom-inducing!  But minimalism, overall, is a mindset which I can apply to stuff or non-tangibles as well.  

One thing I've noticed over the past decade is my ever-NON-changing task list.  Each week it was the same, the same house chores, the same "write a blog post", the same exercise... I was chronically ill, so it was no wonder I couldn't make forward progress on what I put in front of me.  

To make progress, I actually have to remove what's in front of me, not put anything there!

So, besides my physical belongings, I've been dropping my *some day* projects, even the ones I've made some good progress on.  

Here are some examples of what I've let go of:

  • 1001 Squared:  The Abundance Project (yes, it's as massive and life-long as the name sounds, and I never have to explain it again!  Dropping this one freed up so many areas of my life, I'm still discovering the impact!)
  • CraftersLocal 415 - a makers community
  • Maintaining an art studio
  • Encaustic painting as a hobby
  • Bookbinding as a hobby
  • My rubber stamp collection and paper punches (these are things, but they represented all the time-consuming projects I'd yet to get to)
  • Many daily/#365 projects over the years - I just don't operate that way!  So freeing to realize that!
  • JoySubdivision - an online blog with affiliate links as an income source
  • RockOUTPress - my button-making hobby/mini biz
  • Living places that have made me sick (including my most recent pad I told you about - the smoking "non-smoking" building)
  • I know I made a whole list of projects I've let go of, but I'm not finding it now, so I'm letting go of that.  Just multiply this list by 84,000

Wanna try this yourself?  Here are five ways to make sure you're discarding a burden vs. fearing the hard work of an aligned commitment:

1.  When you think about that project how does your body feel?  Do you experience a lightness or heavy doom?  Do you feel you could leap across the room or are you being held down in a seat in the corner?  Does your body tense up or relax?

2.  Why were you interested in this project to begin with?  Was it your dream?  Does that dream still hold up?  Have you refined your dream and this project no longer aligns?  Was the dream someone else's and you can finally recognize it's not from your own true desires?  

3.  Is there just way too much awesomeness in your life now?  Are you excited about all your projects, but you'd need a full-time, 20 person team to accomplish them all?  Is the burden of (non) scalability becoming the heavy object when thinking about your projects?  Sometimes we have to pick between awesome, really awesome, and most amazingly super awesome!  And for folks that have lived in scarcity, it's a new skill to choose between good and better.  

4.  Imagine completing the task - is it part of a bigger picture that will bring you closer to your dreams and passions?  This question helps rule out *fear* getting in the way of your choices.

5.  Are there conditions outside of your control that prevent you from successfully pursuing this project?  Is there any shift you can make to redefine your project so it fits within your influence?  Are you setting yourself up for failure by holding this plan over your head, a guaranteed self-fulfilling prophecy of failure?

Let me know if you use these questions to evaluate any of your current projects and commitments.  I'm curious about the outcome and if you find any relief by letting go.  Share about it below on the comments or on our facebook page.  If I may help support you in any other way, let me know!

Letting go is not failure, it's freedom!!!