Dear Friends,

This is something we all may have thought to say to our inner child at one time or another.  And here's a story to go along with that. 

I haven’t forgotten about you, don’t disappear on me.  

I haven’t forgotten about you...

I still hear a tiny voice in my head that says something sucks or is just plain stupid. Just because.  For no good reason.  

I want to jump up and down on my freshly made bed some days, just a quick glimpse in my mind’s eye of that happening.

Packing it all in and heading home for a nap at 2pm would be awesome!

It’d be so much more funner to skip-a-long right now than to walk rapidly towards the train while reviewing emails on my phone.


Don’t disappear on me...

You are special, you brighten my day just thinking about you.  Even if I don’t always acknowledge you.

I have fond memories of how we’d spend time together and though I’m working and in responsibility-mode now, I hope those carefree times return one day soon.

I’ve pushed you down and out of the way, but I’ll never let go!  I need that spark you bring and I hope to reignite it.  

I know I’ve been distracted with work and there’s this tight deadline, and that’s what I said last week and the week before that, but I really do appreciate you, the joy you bring, the way you take action, your spontaneity… you bring me hope, knowing you’re somewhere down in there, and it’s just me holding myself back from fully enjoying you.  If you were to disappear, I don’t know what I would do... that hope would be gone.  

In fact, right now, I don’t even want to chance that.  I’m going to stop right now and write you a love letter.  I’m going to run barefoot through the grass.  I’m going to call that person I admire, I’m going to take that pottery class and ride my bike.  I’m going to go swimming right now but really just alternate between floating, somersaults, and underwater handstands.  I’m going to stop thinking so hard and just do.  I’m going to have fun, make friends, be silly, get creative, think with my heart, and get shit done.  

I can't do it without you. 



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