Hello Friends,


First we work on saying no to crappy stuff. When we want to improve our lives that's where we start. Clear out the crap. We draw a boundary, and on this side of the line there is no crap allowed.
We practice voicing our boundary and saying, "No".
I've found with my clients, there soon comes a time when life isn't so crappy anymore and there's no longer a driving force of choosing between "crappy" and "not so crappy".
Now the options are between "ok" and "pretty good".
That's called leveling up and your boundary line shifts.
Now the trick I guide my clients through is moving that boundary line, leveling up, and eventually having the choices fall between "really great" and "super-awesome-amazing"!!!
The point is we never want to choose to settle. If you can see a better option, go for it! Choose it! You are valuable and worth it!
If you can see it, you can choose it.
People get stuck on, "but none of this is crappy".  Which is correct. But it's part of fine-tuning your relationship with energy in the world. Being able to discern subtle differences around you will help you pick up on just what fills you will joy, just how you may be of service to the world, and just what clue of purpose to follow next.
As your choices level up and you remain true to caring for yourself, more of your bright gift will open up to the world. By choosing improved options for yourself, you're choosing an improved world!




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