I’m so glad you found me here and/or

we connected offline and I got to meet you in real life!

What I’m all about... sharing the Universe’s little (BIG) secret that it’s actually rooting for your success and ease. (We’re the ones who try to complicate everything.) What if everything didn’t have to be so difficult? What if you could accomplish stuff WAY beyond your wildest imagination, all with EASE, FUN, and DELIGHT?!

Here's a bit more about me and what I've chosen for my life.  I love to:

✔️create art,

✔️design and hand-make mystical jewelry,

✔️play music,

✔️be a catalyst for my clients to know and trust their own inner awarenesses,

✔️travel around and live in nature via #vanlife,

✔️host a podcast all about *choosing* called No Pants Podcast,

✔️share images on Instagram and links on Facebook.

I create my days, playing with the same tools I share with my clients which have helped in overcoming chronic illness, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, helplessness, and more, all to create joy, ease, and delight in everything, making the unthinkable attainable and life full of FUN!

I’m so grateful you are here. What would it be like to accept yourself 100%, choose for you, and to know you can navigate and thrive no matter what situation or people come your way? What would you be able to create if other people’s drama, negativity, or complaining didn’t distract you from your magic, your gifts, or your talents?

If you’ve ever felt like you have limited choices or have to pick between two evils, a complimentary UNTANGLEMENT™ phone session with me may change your life. During this session, you'll gain awareness of your own powers of possibility. If you’d like to learn how to expand your own awareness and create clarity and stability no matter what rocks your world, follow this link HERE to schedule a complimentary call. You’ll be guided through a short set of questions to book your session.

Let's play!